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KidsPeace Foster Care and Community Programs (FCCP) in Reading offers foster care to children of all ages.  In addition, KidsPeace Reading is a licensed adoption agency and an affiliate of the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN).  Other services offered may include Kinship Foster Care, Family Group Decision Making, CRRHH (Community Residential Rehabilitation Host Home), or counseling in the community.  Please feel free to contact our office directly for additional details about any of these services!

Address: 704 Hay Road Temple, PA 19560
Phone: 610-921-0130

KidsPeace Podcast

Significant changes are rocking the foster care system in America. What’s next for foster care and the kids who need it?  In this episode of the podcast series “Conversations with KidsPeace,” we mark National Foster Care Month in May by hearing from KidsPeace foster care specialists Bryan Hoffstetter and Rebecca Cade on the challenges they face, how traditional foster care may become a thing of the past, and what keeps them motivated in such a demanding profession.


Libby Sanders, age 12, donated 40 pillows and customized pillowcases to the foster children in the Reading Foster Care Program at KidsPeace.  Libby shared she has been working on this project “a long time.”  She said it began when she went to The Lifehouse, a Berks County Children and Youth facility and program designed to provide resources to prevent foster care placements and transitional services while a child is being placed into foster care.  While there, Libby “saw [the kids] had what they needed, but not pillows.”  She stated “every child should have a pillow” “to always keep with them.”  she added that pillows are also good for “anger and sadness.”

Libby started the project by asking her church if it could be a vacation bible school project.  Her request was approved and they did a fundraiser to start the project off.  Libby and her mother shared they also connected with The Little Brown Suitcase Ministries.  Eventually, the project collected 426 pillows and 460 pillowcases!  Libby shared the project received support from family and friends from all over.

Each pillowcase was individually customized with a loving phrase.  Libby’s mother shared that the pillowcases took three days to cut the vinyl and heat press the words on, and they still have more to finish!  Additionally, Libby wrote a little note to be included with each pillow.  KidsPeace plans to provide each child in the program with a new pillow of their own and give out any remaining pillows as future children come into the program.

A great big thank you to Libby for being so thoughtful and putting the effort into this project.  KidsPeace appreciates your efforts as will the children in our program.



On August 28, we had two staff from Allegheny Evangelical Lutheran Church come to our office to deliver Sensory Bottles. Kristen Kelly, Youth Director, and Pastor Zach Labagh delivered bottles made by the teens of their church during their latest youth group where they heard about foster care and the impact it has on the children we work with. The bottles are going to be used as a calming resource for the foster children we work with during times such as initial placements, transports, and home visits. The Reading office is thankful to the youth for creating the bottles and excited to put them to use!


On 12-19-2018, Kristi, Becky, and Charlie celebrated the long-anticipated adoption of LeeAnn!  Surrounded by many family and friends, LeeAnn officially became part of her FOREVER FAMILY after 747 days in foster care.  


On 09/18/18, the Luciano family celebrated the long-awaited adoption of YanniMairyz!  After 707 days in foster care, she was officially made the little princess to four happy big brothers and two very excited parents!

You can make a difference in the life of a child.