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Services Offered

Therapeutic Foster Care, Specialized Foster Care, Medically Fragile Foster Care, Traditional Foster Care, Home Based Services, Homemaker Services, Family Preparation Services, Child Preparation Services, Supervised Visitation.

Address: 209 N. Main Street, Suite 200, South Bend, IN 46601
Phone: 574-237-1046


KidsPeace Foster Care’s South Bend office celebrated the hard work and dedication of our Foster Parents with a banquet hosted by Coalbush United Methodist Church and catered by Adoption Attorney Debra Voltz-Miller on Friday, May 12.  Foster Parents developed new relationships by participating in a Human Bingo game, followed by a presentation by Family Resource Specialist Tami Maier on Developmental Relationships.

In addition,  the office presented several awards to foster parents:
Lifetime Achievement—Andy and Naomi Ball
KidsPeace Overall Model of Care—Dave and Wendy Wright
Character – Jesse and Bonnie Gathright
Dignity—Michael and Emily Tefft
Empowerment—Joyce Jackson
Relationship & Belonging—Mark and Amy McIntosh
Safety—Dave and Amber Hipskind
Transformation—Santos and Natalie Fernandez

You can make a difference in the life of a child.