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Child with doctorFoster Talk

Doctors Visits

There are so many important jobs foster parents have when placed with a child. Obvious ones include being a nurturer, a stable mentor, and loving parent – but another responsibility…
Foster Talk
May 31, 2019
foster talkFoster Talk

Saying Goodbye

In the final installment of their blog series, Megan and Heather tackle an appropriate subject: how foster parents must be prepared for the inevitable experience of saying goodbye… Megan Part…
Foster Talk
February 7, 2019
Holidays in Foster CareFoster Talk

Holidays in Foster Care

The holidays are special for many families, but Heather and Megan note that there are unique challenges facing foster households this time of year… Heather While the holidays are typically…
Foster Talk
December 3, 2018
foster talkFoster Talk

The First Call

In this installment of Foster Talk, Heather and Megan talk about a unique experience for a new foster parent: getting their first call about a potential placement… Heather As a…
Foster Talk
November 14, 2018
foster talkFoster Talk

We are Approved now what?

Heather Moore is regional manager for KidsPeace Foster Care in southeast Pennsylvania and a foster parent; Megan Craig is a foster parent based in Doylestown, PA. In this Foster Talk…
Foster Talk
November 1, 2018
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