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Foster Heroes Still Needed Despite COVID-19

mother and daughter with superhero masks

The need for foster parents is acute even in the best of times.  Today, amid the crisis stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, many kids are still waiting for foster families – and KidsPeace is committed to finding, training and supporting the next wave of fostering heroes.

“May is traditionally National Foster Care Month, and despite what people may think, at KidsPeace Foster Care we remain open and ready to assist those seeking to be foster parents,” says Betsy Lunney, a KidsPeace Foster Care state manager. 

“In times of crisis like these, the need for foster families can get overlooked in discussions of how our communities are affected.  But the need is still there, and it’s very likely that after this crisis passes the demand for foster families will go up, not down.  That’s why, if someone has been thinking about fostering, this is exactly the right time to let us know.”

Lunney notes that KidsPeace foster care staff has adjusted to the new reality of COVID-19.  “We’re having to change our family study and training practices because of the stay-at-home rules, so we’re using video technology to ‘meet’ with people who are interested in becoming foster parents, and to accomplish many of our individual and group licensing and training meetings,” she says.  

“But what hasn’t changed is our staff’s determination to find folks who would make great foster parents and give them the tools they need to succeed in helping kids in these tough circumstances.”

Lunney urges anyone interested in fostering to submit an inquiry form (found at ), or to contact the nearest KidsPeace Foster Care office in their state.

“So much of our society’s normal workings have been interrupted by coronavirus.  So it may be hard for people to understand that the need for foster families hasn’t gone away – and in fact may surge in the near future,” Lunney warns.  “There really is no more urgent time for those who have been thinking about fostering to take that next step and reach out today.”