Foster Family Stories | Carmen and Joe

“My name is Carmen, and my husband is Joe. Two years ago my family and I talked about wanting to become a foster care family. It was a long hard decision.  For me, the idea of fostering started a [...]

The Warren Warriors

Here’s to “The Warren Warriors!” By Bobbi Gagnon, Family Resource Specialist, KidsPeace Maine Opening one’s home to foster care is a very challenging, yet rewarding undertaking… but adopting [...]

Fostering Opioid Impacted Infants

One of the heart-breaking aspects of America’s opioid epidemic is its impact on foster care – especially when it comes to babies whose mothers used the drugs during pregnancy. In one Pennsylvania [...]

Family Support For New Foster Parents

Your family member has decided to become a foster parent, and to care for children from foster care in their home. Let me share something with you; they will need your support, and perhaps more [...]